What is this blog all about?

This blog explores various topics presented in the course JTC 614 Public Communication Campaigns in relation to the arts and arts organizations. The course, taught by Kirk Hallahan at Colorado State University, looks at advanced concepts in the creation of public communication campaigns, with an emphasis on how nonprofit and governmental entities can utilize the principles of social marketing and strategic communication efforts to promote public health and prosocial ideas/behaviors.

Why the arts?

While the arts are not commonly considered in relation to topics of public health or prosocial behavior, they nevertheless occupy an important sphere of society, one that directly benefits the public good. Economic development, a well-rounded education, mental wellbeing, and the strengthening of communities are just some of the areas where the arts play a meaningful role. In spite of these benefits, however, the arts are consistently marginalized in the United States. This is especially evident in public policy that denies support through dramatic budget cuts and/or overt lack of funding. Take, for example, widespread cuts in funding for arts education in public schools. Or minimal funding/support/research for art therapy as a public health intervention. Advocates of the arts, including arts organizations, recognize that this is a problem. How can we support the vitality of the arts and ensure their continuing benefit to society? Part of the answer, perhaps, lies in our ability to communicate their value and importance through social marketing and strategic campaigns.