So far on this blog, I’ve focused the content of my discussions on outlining and explaining some of the major core principles of social marketing. Of course, one could write an entire textbook on the topic, which would probably take more bandwidth storage than my free WordPress account allows. It was my goal to provide a general overview of what I consider to be the most important aspects: research, segmentation/targeting, barrier/benefit value exchange, and the marketing mix. Summarizing these topics was an exercise in synthesizing and solidifying everything that I’ve learned, read, and jotted down over the last several weeks. In these initial posts, I did my best to incorporate examples, references, and resources specific to the arts whenever possible. I hope these posts will serve as a useful reference to anyone out there who stumbles across this blog. If nothing else, they will serve as MY personal reference and journal of learning.

With this general overview in mind, I’d like to shift my focus a bit and turn my discussion to topics, campaigns, happenings, news, etc. that relate more directly to the arts.

For now, I’ll leave you with a video that nicely summarizes all of the reasons why I personally believe in supporting the arts and see them as a valuable contribution to the public good.

Next week, I’ll discuss why this video may or may not provide a successful example of targeted messaging.